'A glimpse of the passage of time'


In my work I explore the materials and conceptuality of clay and metal.

I am fascinated by firing materials to different temperatures and observing the changes in order to push a material to its physical limits. This experimental approach helps me examining the concept of time. By revealing different layers, I lead the eye into the inner complexity of my forms acting as a metaphor for the human condition and the passage of time.

I create my own clay recipes in order to explore and construct textures that are rough, sharp and surprising.  The scale of my work ranges from intimate and hand-held pieces through to large tactile sculptures.

I play with a fragile boundary between people being curious and hesitant when picking the piece up, while challenging usual perceptions of ceramics and expectations of the material.




I grew up in Vienna and during my childhood I was intrigued by various manufacture and production processes in the factories nearby. This has sparked a lifelong interest in making and materials. When I touched clay for the very first time in 2007, I was instantly mesmerised by its endless possibilities and still can not resist the touch of clay. 

My other passion is finding interesting and ambiguous objects during my walks which I then introduce to my clay artwork.  I create intriguing, exquisite and intimate sculptures.



© Claudia Wassiczek 2017