'A glimpse of the passage of time'


I explore the materiality and conceptuality of found objects, clay, and metal. 

I am fascinated with firing materials and observing the changes, in order to push a material to its physical limits. I develop my own clay recipes to construct and explore textures that are rough, sharp, and surprising. This process allows me to explore elements of the concept of time, such as fragility, fragmentation, disintegration, and life change. 

Revealing different layers, leading into an inner formal complexity, my pieces explore the physical aging process and the invisible interior experiences we gather over time.  My work reflects my curiosity for what humans reveal to each other – what layers we are willing to expose, and what we keep hidden, and whether there is conflict between them.

My other passion is finding discarded and ambiguous objects I investigate their physical properties and imagine what purpose they had in their former life, and to which larger unit they belonged. By integrating them in my clay art work, I give them a new context, belonging, and identity. During this process I examine the correlation between the increasing ‘disconnect towards objects’ and what this tells us about modern society.

I intend to play with the fragile boundary between people being curious and hesitant when picking a piece up, while challenging the usual perceptions of ceramics and the expectations of the material.




I grew up in Vienna, where I was enchanted by manufacture and production processes in the factories nearby. This sparked a lifelong interest in making and materials. I was particularly curious about discarded objects and organic matters. I would pull them apart and tie them together, and studied the weight, texture, and feel of each object.

When I touched clay for the first time in 2007, I was instantly mesmerised by its possibilities. I studied sculpture at Kensington and Chelsea College and City Lit London, graduating in 2015. I currently work out of Cockpit Arts in Holborn, creating large tactile sculptures down to small, hand-held pieces





© Claudia Wassiczek 2017